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Landing Pages on Small Budgets

 Yesterday an article appeared on Search Engine Land about building multi-purpose landing pages for keywords when on small budgets.

I was intrigued by the title as I thought that it may be of particular relevancy to my market place – the small business owner.

Maybe I missed the point of the article in some way but while the general advice was sound, in terms of the technical advice, I have to confess to being a little disappointed in the overall article.

Specific landing pages for keywords in specific campaigns – well that sounds right to me.  After all how long does it really take to build a landing page?  Also, the fact that certain keywords are extremely similar to other keywords seems a little moot to me as you’re likely to pick up on these keywords anyway.

If you look at big business things are slightly different.  Let’s take an example of car insurance.  Well there’s a lot of money that turns through this marketplace and each bit that you can secure means more money and in all likeliness straight to bottom line – you already have hundreds of customer service personnel so the more calls that come in or are processed through the internet the better.  Doing every keyword variation is likely worthwhile and profitable.

Let’s take a standard small to medium size business.  Most turn over somewhere between $50k and $10 million and ranging from a sole trader to a company with around 100 employees.  With most businesses they have established customers and the number of personnel they need to fulfil those customer orders.  They just have established sales funnels that work and turn the business over at a profitable rate.  The truth is that business owners become comfortable and any consultant will tell you that there is the possibility of growth and profitability from any business.

The same is true for the web.  You can always do more and discover new ways to engage with an audience.  To stick with the insurance example a company recently discovered the keyword ‘how to find a VIN number’ was a great one for selling car insurance.

So as I say – while the general advice was sound in terms of technicalities the angle of the article was wrong.  Nothing will ever replace properly thought out, implemented and tweaked campaigns and there will always be further opportunities.  There are only 3 main things that are required – a desire to increase business from the business owner, a well thought out and properly constructed campaign and the money to fund the size of the campaign.

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